Skateboarders connecting for a global social impact

Jean Jaques Foundation is a social skateboarding non-profit that grew after Concrete Dreams built DIY Skatepark Mechelen in 2008. The Jean Jaques Foundation strongly believes in spreading love, joy and conscioussness through skateboarding, promoting passion and physical activity as an outlet for kids to express and empower themselves.

Since 2013 Jean Jaques Foundation has been working hand in hand with several other non-profit organizations like Fedasil Belgium, 7Hills Park, Make Life Skate Life, Concrete Jungle Foundation and Wonders Around The World. We hosted events like Malinas Machinas, organized skatesessions for refugees and helped build community skateparks in Bolivia, Jordan, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Nepal, Morocco, Iraq, India and Jamaica.

The overall goal of  Jean Jaques Foundation is to establish and support a network of skateboarders, growing and building new communities around the globe. To make skateboarding accesible to all.




7Hills, a Jordanian skateboarding driven non-profit that rolls in Amman is raising money to build a new public skatepark and launch a free of charge skate program in an underserved area of East Amman.
The goal is to raise $15k for the new project. Let’s make this happen! :)


For the past 50 years Jordan has been a safe haven for refugees from neighbouring countries. Today, there are 57 nationalities living in Jordan. It is one of the top 10 countries to host the largest number of refugees in the world.

Although more than 70% of the population in Amman is younger than 30, there is an immense lack of public spaces and free recreational outlets available for the youth.

In 2014 a few members of the Jean Jaques Foundation went to help Makelifeskatelife and Philadelphia skateboards build 7Hills skatepark in downtown Amman. Since then the park has been thriving.

Two years after the park was built, member to the family, Kas Wauters went to Amman to put up a program for the park. His collaboration with local ngo’s made it possible for more than 10 nationalities to come together in this community space, bridging the gap between different religious, social and racial backgrounds, accomodating guided skate sessions for girls and boys of all ages, putting a strong emphasis on diversity and equality.

The new 7Hillspark will run multiple weekly sessions, provide skate teachers, skateboards and safety pads to the local community. The aim is to reach 85-150 kids per week. Additionally they’ll establish a youthleadership program to train the local youth to run the skateboarding program on their own, with an extra focus on the inclusion of girls.

7Hills methodology  wishes to empower youth, engage them in their community and maintain their own public spaces, fostering social cohesion through skateboarding activities.


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